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Stitch your logo on hats, polos, jackets, and more. 

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Single & Multicolor Embroidery

Make the simplest design pop and will last for years to come.

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Most often used on hats, puff embroidery is a great way to give your design a premium look and feel. 

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Custom Embroidery FAQ

Our embroidery orders are ready in 7-10 business days after approval. 

Our recommended size for embroidery designs is three to four inches wide. 

Your embroidery will typically last longer than the garment itself. 

While we allow for color changes to the same design, your pricing is based on the exact same embroidery file. 

We stitch your logo onto your garment using the an embroidery machine. The digitizing fee covers the cost to create a file that the machine can read where and how to move the needle. 

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